Sunday, March 26, 2017

Open Enrollment is going on now

Open Enrollment for the Vogue Everuthing subscrption Box is going on now. There are once again some really amazing items being added to the box by our wonderful designers.

Each month there will be a 2 week enrollment for avatars to pay the group fee for the subscription. Group fees at this time will be L$900 This allows subscribers to receive the subscription box for that month. There is no additional cost for the box. Your enrollment covers this months box. If you have not enrolled in the 2 week time frame then you will still be able to get the box by enrolling in the next months subscription, and once enrolled you can go to the Vogue Everything Headquarters and buy the previous boxes for L$1200 each which is a  higher price than the enrollment fee. You will still get the month you enrolled included in your enrollment fee.

To see the products in the Vogue Everything subscription Box for April go to April Vogue Everthing Subscription Products

You can also go to the headquarters building anc click on the Kiosk there to ensure you will receive your Vogue Everything subscription Box for April, and if you missed any previous months, buy the boxes there.

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