Saturday, January 21, 2017

Creating the Vogue Everything Subscription Box.

Update: 2-19-2017

Hello Everyone we have gotten off to the start of our open enrollment. Things are going well a few glitches like with any other new thing. but all is actually well.We hope you come b the Headquarters building or any of the stores that are represented in the subscription box to to get your name on the list! We had one store drop out due to personal reasons but there are a couple of stores that have an interest in possibly doing this. so at the time we are down by 1 but should be back to 15 by the time the box goes out. Come on over and click on the Kiosk to join the vogue Everything subscription Box.

Update: 2-8-2017

We have all of our designers for the Vogue Everything Subscription Box and everything is going very well. We have clothing, shoes, jewelry, and home and garden, everything that the SL woman could want.
So our first open enrollment will begin on February 19th. The cost of the group fee subscription for the March box is L$900,and that includes the subscription box.
 If there are any Designers still interested in participating in the Vogue Everything Subscription Box, there is an application available for alternates, Alternates will take the place of someone that may have to drop out for reasons beyond their control, or because they really can't make something for the next month. We are looking forward to seeing all of you join the Vogue Everything Subscription Box Group to get your subscription. Open enrollment will Start February 19th and will close on march 6th and the Box with the hud will go out on the 8th.

-Update: 1-28-2017 Oh things are going along very well. We are on target to get started with the first subscription box to go out on Wednesday March 8th. I have set dates for the Subscription box group enrollment  to Start on February 19th and end on March 6th.

We are currently just starting out with the Vogue Everything Subscription Box. Presently we are accepting applications for Designers.
All applications will be considered.  We are looking for 15 creators willing to supply an item each month.
Currently we are only doing a box for women. Designers please go to the designer page for more information and a link to the application.
Designers Information

Each month there will be a 2 week enrollment for avatars to pay the group fee for the subscription. Group fees at this time will be L$900 This allows subscribers to receive the subscription box for that month.  If you have not enrolled in the 2 week time frame then you will still be able to get the box by enrolling in the next months subscription, and once enrolled you can go to the Vogue Everything Headquarters and buy the previous boxes for L$1200 each which is a  higher price than the enrollment fee.

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