Vogue Subscription Box Designers

Above is what our hud looks like. You get the hud,wear it, and come to the Rez area at Vogue Everything Subscription Box Headquarters. Once there you can click on any button on your hud, to get the item from that store. You can unpack your items at the rez area, just clean up your boxes when finished. Below are all of the designers. You can click on the link beloweach store logo to go to their full page advertisements, and get links to their inworld store and marketplace stores.

~EDD~  Emmalena Damour Designs

*Wishful* Thinking

Tylar's Treasures
Lunar Seasonal Designs

Sin Original
Shae's Designs

Doma Mesh Furniture

Wilson's Designs

Dandy and Niki

Queen Galaxia Creations
Kouture Kloset

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