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Things are moving along very smoothly.
 It looks like we are on target to get the first monthly subscription box out to you on MARCH 8TH.

What is an SL subscription Box?

A subscription Box is a monthly buy in to receive a box of products from various merchants on the grid. These products are good quality semi-exclusive items. That means the designers will not release the items to the general public of SL for at least 3 months.
That gives you exclusivity of the product.

This box is only for women. If it is successful a men's box will be set up in the fall of 2017.

How This works. Anyone wishing to receive a subscription box can do so by joining the group. There is a cost to join the group, but that is the cost of the subscription box. The cost is L$900.  You will receive 15 items for that cost. These are good quality items that would usually sell for over L$200 each inworld.  Enrollment is only open for 2 weeks. It will start on the 19th of February at 12;01 am slt. and will end at midnight on the 6th day of March. The first box will be sent to all who have joined the group on the 8th of March.
You will receive a box. when you open the box there is a hud in there. Wear the hud and 
teleport to the headquarters. Once there you can go into the rez section and click on any merchant logo on your hud. That item will be delivered to you. Make sure you accept it when the notification comes. You can rez the boxes you receive right there and open them, or open them when you get home. If you open the boxes in the rez area please take your box back after opening.

Women wishing to subscribe to the Vogue Everything subscription Box can go to any of the designers stores and join through the kiosks at the stores or go to our headquarters building and subscribe there. Slurl to the headquarters is here.

Or you can copy the following and type it into your local chat in your browser and hit enter. Once the group information opens you can join there. 

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