Designers Information

Designer Information

This is a monthly subscription box. All designers will add a Semi-Exclusive item to the subscription. Our meaning of Semi-Exclusive is:
The items will be available only in the subscription box for a period of 3 months, after 3 months then it can be available in your store . Or this is an exclusive color or texture just for the subscription box. No Business in a box or affiliate items.

 The designers will share in the profit of all of the subscriptions on a monthly basis Vogue Everything Organizers will first pay the Headquarters expenses, and then keep an additional 10% of the subscription dues for setting everything up monthly and assuring that all goes as smoothly as possible for designers and subscribers. The balance of the dues will be divided equally among all of the designers that have added their item for the month. Designers this is a reflection of the quality work you do so the items you supply should be an item that you would normally sell for L$200 and up. That gives the subscribers a good margin for their enrollment fee. So with 12 designers the subscribers would receive items worth a minimum of L$2400 for the price of a subscription. With 15 Designers it would be L$3000 and up worth of items. I understand that just starting out the division may not be huge, but as the word gets out and the quality of our subscription is good the group subscribers will increase on a monthly basis.

Designers will be required to place the Vogue Everything Subscription box advertisement and group join board at their store

Each month there will be a 2 week enrollment for avatars to pay the group fee for the subscription. Group fees at this time will be L$900 This allows them to receive the subscription box for that month. The designers will put their items in a box that belongs to them at the headquarters so items can be copy only, The hud that gets sent to the subscribers will send a copy of the items to the enrolled subscriber when they click on your store button. The subscribers receive the hud the day after subscription enrollment ends, . If they have not enrolled in the 2 week time frame then they will still be able to get the box by enrolling in the next months subscription, and once enrolled they can go to the Vogue Everything Headquarters and buy the previous boxes for L$1200 which is a  higher price than the enrollment fee.

Designers will have to join the designers group. so that they can have rez rights at the headquarters.Group information Vogue Everything Designers

Each designer will have their own drop box at the headquarters location and put their own items in their dropbox. The box and items are still theirs but the hud pulls them from that location. Those items can be set with any perms the designer decides.

I will need a full perm logo 512x512  from each designer for their brand to use on the hud and in advertisements. The Logo should be sent to Emmalena Damour as soon as you receive your welcome information.  Designers should box their items before putting them in their dropbox at headquarters.They can be whatever perms you desire.

Designers will be asked to give me a full perm advertisement of the product they are supplying each month.

Once we are up and rolling we will take suggestions for product themes. Currently it is designer choice.

We are on target to have the boxes ready to go out on March 8th. So designers will asked to be ready on March 6th.

To fill out your application, please go to the following link or click on the designer application at the top of this page.
Designer Application

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